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splash pad moms

5 Types of Portland Splash Pad Moms

We don’t live near an outdoor community pool (and swimming inside feels offensive to the season), we’ve become familiar with the local park’s splash pad. My kids enjoy having the option of playing in the water or playing on the playground, and I enjoy sitting in one spot while they move from one location to […]

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Summer snack

4 Summer Snack Hacks

The soundtrack of my summer is the sound of the kitchen cupboard door opening and closing, the tap of bowls set on the counter, the rustle of hands stuffed into a box of crackers, the slosh of milk poured into a bowl of cereal, and the crinkle of a popsicle wrapper. Yes, to me this […]

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August Guide to Family-Friendly Events in Portland

Although it’s been pretty mild this year, we know August is usually the hottest, driest days of Portland’s beautiful summer. With many of Portland’s Metro school districts starting this year before Labor Day, the days are counting down to back-to-school. Soak up every last minute of summer break with PMB’s annual August Events Guide!  Forest […]

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summer survival

5 Keys to Summer Sanity/Survival for Moms

Welcome to midsummer! We’re about halfway through this three-month stint as a cruise directors and short order cooks! You survived family vacations and lived to tell about it. By now you’re not only NOT practicing self-care, but you’re probably not even thinking that far ahead. Your only goal besides keeping the children safe, fed, and […]

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packing for the beach

6 Packing Essentials for the Beach

Looking back to my childhood trips to the beach, I have visions of my mom carrying tons of gear to and from the beach all summer long. I remember her wise words: “If you bring it, you must carry it.” There were boogie boards, toys, coolers, towels, chairs, umbrellas, and who knows what else. It […]

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tantrum emotions

Summertime Emotions 101

Experiencing high emotions in your family this summer? You’re not alone! Emotional outburst and breakdowns – both your children’s and your own – are the #1 challenge parents face today, anytime time of year. And as the temperature heats up, so do high emotions within families. Whether it’s the heat, lack of routines, or having […]

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