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Healthy Food Guard Rails

My husband was driving home from work one day and made a quick stop at the store to pick up a few items. He was hungry so he bought a good-sized bag of Boom Chicka Pop, knowing a couple of handfuls would keep the edge off before dinner. I will never forget the way he […]

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mom in therapy

Going to Therapy Makes Me a Better Mom

As moms, we spend a massive amount of our waking hours listening and responding to others. The incoming conversations change over the years, but they take up a lot of brain space, nonetheless. When my kids were younger, the conversations revolved around their processing of the world around them. I answered 9000 “why” questions a […]

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Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet

Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet For Busy Moms

Remember those solemn Christmas mornings? It felt so good to feel the early morning breeze of Christmas that calms your soul. Remember those times when you had a good night’s sleep that gets you to wake up feeling refreshed? Yes, I do too. But now that we are already busy moms, there’s almost no room […]

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The Badge of Busy

Fall is here! With kids back in school we think we will have so much time, but in reality our world become much more busy. Sure the kids are gone all day, but enter in the EXTRA-CURRICULAR activities! Yup, this is the reintroduction of being a parent/chauffeur/volunteer. We’ve got sports, PTA/PTO meetings, scouts, school dances, […]

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postpartum haze

My Postpartum Haze

As I feel the ache between my legs and on my chest, I am overwhelmed by a sense of lower back pain that tends to start in the middle of the day. Climbing the stairs seems harder than I ever imagined. I am so confused about this postpartum version of me. Even though this is […]

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To Play or Perform?

Do you ever struggle with an internal battle between the pressure to take time to play and not ‘wasting’ time so you can perform? Oh, the mind! It’s such a brat sometimes. It wants you to play. It wants you to take a break. Playing is way more fun than working. Playing is much easier […]

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Balance: Does it Exist?!

I keep hearing words like “self care” and “balance,” but what do they really mean? Well, you learn real quick when life throws you a curve ball. Let me start by saying that I’m not sure balance actually exists. I believe in seasons. I think there are just some stages of life where you are […]

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