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Self-Care Is Loving Yourself - Heart on Wire

Self-Care Is Loving Yourself

We all know the importance of self-care. And yet, it still feels a little unattainable to many. I hear some version of these stories more times than I can count: I’m too overwhelmed. My plate is so full it’s spilling over. How can I even think about adding “self-care” on top of it all? Sure, […]

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mom in therapy

Going to Therapy Makes Me a Better Mom

As moms, we spend a massive amount of our waking hours listening and responding to others. The incoming conversations change over the years, but they take up a lot of brain space, nonetheless. When my kids were younger, the conversations revolved around their processing of the world around them. I answered 9000 “why” questions a […]

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storms make trees

Where Does Your Courage Show Up?

I recently had the chance to attend a thought-provoking, community-building workshop with The Goodness Collaborative. Part of the workshop was a panel of local entrepreneurs who shared their stories of the journey they each had taken that led them to be sitting in front of all of us, sharing their thoughts and ideas and experiences. […]

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Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet

Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet For Busy Moms

Remember those solemn Christmas mornings? It felt so good to feel the early morning breeze of Christmas that calms your soul. Remember those times when you had a good night’s sleep that gets you to wake up feeling refreshed? Yes, I do too. But now that we are already busy moms, there’s almost no room […]

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gym baby boot camp

Why I Started Getting My Booty to the Gym

Truthfully, I have never enjoyed working out. My mom is a retired PE teacher, nevertheless I remember trying to get out of running in high school. Sports and dance have always been enjoyable, but I was never really an athlete or a fan of the gym. I tried a few workout regiments back in my […]

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5 Reasons I’m Glad School is Back!

School has been back in for several weeks now, and already I’m feeling my sanity start to return. It sounds mean, and I’m riddled with mom guilt even uttering these words, but some things in life are just easier when kids go back to school! Here are a few mundane items and simple pleasures I’m […]

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The Badge of Busy

Fall is here! With kids back in school we think we will have so much time, but in reality our world become much more busy. Sure the kids are gone all day, but enter in the EXTRA-CURRICULAR activities! Yup, this is the reintroduction of being a parent/chauffeur/volunteer. We’ve got sports, PTA/PTO meetings, scouts, school dances, […]

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