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3 Reasons to Join Your School’s PTO

When we moved to Oregon, I was desperate to meet other people and feel connected with our new community. I decided to try a parent-teacher organization (PTO) meeting at our new school. Thanks to TV and movies, I was fairly certain joining the PTO would feel a lot like returning to my freshmen year of […]

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prepare moms for kindergarten

Adjusting to Kindergarten…For Moms

There is a lot of talk about kids adjusting to kindergarten and it’s all very important. It is a big adjustment. But what about preparing for the changes a mom goes through when her child goes off to kindergarten? From packing lunches to field trips, communicating with teachers to PTA meetings, and before and after-school […]

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Teaching Kids How to Fail

My oldest turned twelve in February. As you can imagine, we are getting into the stage of childhood that rivals any Marvel movie battle. I am just a mom trying to help, and he is a middler schooler trying to create his own way. I try to remind him of his homework and wearing his […]

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science projects

Let the Kids Do the Science Fair Project

Oh, how the pendulum has swung. I was part of the free-range generation. We ran around, almost always unsupervised. I came home to a house full of extended family who spoke little to no English, helped myself to food, and went back outside. I watched lots of TV like Full House and ER. I even […]

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pta mom

Why I’m a Proud PTA Parent

There are few titles more maligned in mom circles than the “PTA mom.” Like “soccer mom,” the name is often said with a sneer. In the song, the “Harper Valley PTA” proves to be an exclusive and judgmental club, and TV shows often show PTA moms competing with each other for creating the best class […]

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back to school year do less

“Mom, Can You Do Less?”

It was another typical, stressful morning. The kids were playing legos instead of getting dressed. There was sword fighting with toothbrushes instead of brushing teeth. Eating breakfast somehow involved dance moves and a bowl of cereal ended up on the floor. I followed them with increasing panic, watching the minutes slip by on the clock. […]

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