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Winter Car Seat Safety

As the weather changes it is very tempting to have our children wear their jackets in the car seat. We want our children to be warm, but we also want them to be safe. Adding layers under our children’s car seat straps may help keep our children warm, but it will not keep them safe. […]

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Engaging Locally & At Home

My toddler’s cheeks are so kissable. I can barely contain myself from covering them in kisses. Recently, her own little voice is developing. While she is full of sweetness, occasionally her reply is, “No mommy. No more kisses.” Learning to respect her boundaries, even at the tiny age of two makes a difference. It is one way our family is […]

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Prepare your kids for a natural disaster

Prepare Your Little Ones for the ‘Big One’: Create a Simple Earthquake Kit

The media has been abuzz the last couple of weeks with the threat of the “really big one”–a large earthquake predicted to hit here in the Pacific Northwest. I am not among the “doomsday” planners; however, the headlines did lead me to some conversations and thoughts about how prepared our family is–or isn’t–in the event that […]

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Eight Rules of Safe Water Play

This summer my son started taking swimming lessons.  Since he just turned one, it’s really a class to get him acquainted with the water.  It has been fun to see him get more comfortable in the pool (as he hates water in his face) and to start kicking his legs by himself.  My husband is one of […]

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