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Postpartum Care Group

Join this delightful group of mamas in a refreshing, weekly meet up. It’s a time to connect, support one another and gain insight in to self care and wellness. This group is for mamas who have children 5 years and younger. Kids and babies are welcome! The group is led by Dr. Potter who is passionate about helping women thrive through their postpartum journey.

Please register on the website,

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Urinary Incontinence - Dr. Potter

5 Myths (and Facts!) About Postpartum Urinary Incontinence: Why Kegels Are Not the Only Solution

We are delighted to partner with Dr. Angela Potter for this post and are thrilled by the giveaway she is offering PMB readers below!Did you have a baby recently and you now pee every time you stand up or laugh? You’re not alone! Urinary incontinence is common among postpartum women and it’s not talked about […]

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Relationship Reboot After Baby

It can be an overwhelming task preparing to bring a little love into the world. With all the pre-birth parental decisions about cloth vs. disposable, crib vs. co-sleeping, and daycare waitlists, it never fully occurred to me what a holistic impact one little person would have on all the relationships I have ever formed. Sitting […]

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