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Holiday Meal - Managing Picky Eaters

Managing Holiday Meals with Picky Eaters

I am a healthy adult who was a picky eater as a child. I wanted things to be plain, separate, and definitely not mushy. At every holiday meal, my grandma used to remind me that my grandfather survived on potatoes for months as a POW.  I still remember her saying, “Oh Jessica, they are delicious… […]

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prepare moms for kindergarten

Adjusting to Kindergarten…For Moms

There is a lot of talk about kids adjusting to kindergarten and it’s all very important. It is a big adjustment. But what about preparing for the changes a mom goes through when her child goes off to kindergarten? From packing lunches to field trips, communicating with teachers to PTA meetings, and before and after-school […]

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To Play or Perform?

Do you ever struggle with an internal battle between the pressure to take time to play and not ‘wasting’ time so you can perform? Oh, the mind! It’s such a brat sometimes. It wants you to play. It wants you to take a break. Playing is way more fun than working. Playing is much easier […]

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5 Reasons Your Family Needs Therapy

Our family is on a journey. We adopted our sweet twin boys when they were just barely two years old. The bond was instant. We sought help early on because becoming first-time parents to twin two-year-olds is basically getting caught with your pants down. We made all the rookie mistakes, and we wanted to be […]

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do what works childbirth

Do What Works Parenting: Pregnancy and Birth

Parenting is flooded with acronyms; CIO, RIE, BLW, EBF, and on and on. I’ve been a mom for almost ten years now, and the only acronym that has worked for me consistently is DWW: Do What Works! While parenting books, websites, experts, and groups are all useful in helping you find what works for you, […]

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science projects

Let the Kids Do the Science Fair Project

Oh, how the pendulum has swung. I was part of the free-range generation. We ran around, almost always unsupervised. I came home to a house full of extended family who spoke little to no English, helped myself to food, and went back outside. I watched lots of TV like Full House and ER. I even […]

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