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FREE Infant Massage Class in Vancouver WA

Whether you are an expectant or new parent, this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn the most powerful communication tool with your baby!

Join this hands-on and stress-free BABY MASSAGE class and learn some effective strokes to help your baby relax and ease the physical pain. Massage can help relieve tummy pains, congestion, teething, ease the strain of digestive discomfort, colic, gas and most importantly promote peaceful rest at night. Massage will help you build a connection between YOU and your BABY!

~This class is for parents and caregivers with babies 0-12 months old. Other family members and older siblings are welcome to attend.
~Please bring a yoga mat (a few spares available), blanket, and any needed supplies for the baby. Safe baby oil will be provided.
~ Feel free to invite your momma-friends. Drop-ins are welcome, however, spaces are limited. RSVP if you would like to book early! Email: [email protected]
~Tea/Coffee N’ Chat after the babies have been massaged 🙂
~ Location: The Wattle Tree Place, 306 E 16th st, Vancouver, Washington 98663

Check out for more details. If any questions, contact Regina B.Grenwood, CEIM, Certified Educator of Infant Massage: Email: [email protected], Phone: (405) 440-1669

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Postpartum Care Group

Join this delightful group of mamas in a refreshing, weekly meet up. It’s a time to connect, support one another and gain insight in to self care and wellness. This group is for mamas who have children 5 years and younger. Kids and babies are welcome! The group is led by Dr. Potter who is passionate about helping women thrive through their postpartum journey.

Please register on the website,

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The Taming of a Wild Beast: A Girl and Her Dog

We have “that” dog. You know the one that is super naughty most of the time. The dog that isn’t your best friend, but rather is always trying to figure a way to get the most out of every situation. You know the one that acts like a wild beast, only sometimes willing to be tamed. He will do whatever it […]

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10 Ways to Announce Your Baby News

I didn’t create a Facebook account until my daughter was six months old, so my options for telling the world that she was coming were relatively few. Seven years later, the ways to spread the new baby news seem limitless. I’ve been taking notes in preparation for the day when we have another bundle of joy […]

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