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memorial day

A Memorial Day Birthday

It was 2003, and I did not know any better.  I had an occasion to celebrate, so I drafted a letter.  I wrote it, and bound it, and sealed it with a kiss. I drove it over to the post office, rushed, my deadline not to miss.  My note never made it on time, I […]

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Copy of Dear 8 Year Old

To My 8-Year-Old, Now That Life is Tricky

Holy enchiladas, mamas! Eight is so much trickier than I thought it would be, and I’ve realized I need a new plan. My girl is busy copping an older-than-appropriate attitude, and sauntering out of the room with a GIGANTIC eye-roll, but I thought a letter to my daughter about how much I love her and about my new plan […]

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To my Christmas Baby (1)

To My Christmas Baby: On Turning 10

To my Christmas baby girl, who is turning 10,  You arrived on Christmas Eve, and we swaddled you in a stocking. We sat mooning over your silver blond hair while The Christmas Story played quietly in the background on a 24 hour loop. The replays were eventually interrupted by hospital informational videos instructing us on […]

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