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Stuff Moms Say

Moms say the weirdest stuff to each other. Just met? EVEN BETTER. I have made friends out of complete strangers because of motherhood. Swapping recipes and parenting horror stories are just the tip of the iceberg! Does any of this sound familiar? What’s your bedtime routine? Ours is a lot like Frodo and Sam taking […]

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Life Without a Uterus

Ladies, it’s me, your future. I’m here to tell you all is well in Hysterectomy Land.   Here in Hysterectomy Land, there are no feminine hygiene products of any kind. Why? Because your Aunt Flo will no longer be joining you, God rest her soul. With all the money you’re saving each month, you can […]

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expressing motherhood

Express Yourself

We are thrilled to partner with the Expressing Motherhood, the stage show that is sweeping moms across the nation. Want to be in it? Submit your story today and you could be on the stage when it comes to Portland next spring!You’re running late. One of your kids just took off his shoes because his […]

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Don’t Forget to Laugh

Will this mom thing ever get easier? Nope. Not easier. Just different. I’ve cracked the code, friends. Basically through each stage, your problems just move to a different area of your house. Trouble has somehow gotten ahold of your blueprints, and uses it as a map. For me, trouble began in my twin boys’ bedroom. […]

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Expressing Motherhood

Expressing Motherhood

We are so excited to partner with Expressing Motherhood and are delighted to offer a two-ticket giveaway to PMB readers!!It’s messy. It’s fun. It’s gross. It’s having your heart live outside of your body, and sending it out into the world. It’s every strong emotion you’ve ever felt combined with your intuition on steroids. It’s […]

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sleep regression

Dear Four Month Sleep Regression: You’re Ruining My Life

I shouldn’t have been so smug. Not sanctimommy smug. Or tell-you-how-to-parent smug. Just smug in the way a mom can be when she’s worked her butt off to get not one, but TWO babies falling asleep independently. It’s no easy feat, as I’m sure you can appreciate. Starting at six weeks, I introduced positive sleep […]

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Motherhood Crazy

Mom Confessions: How Motherhood Reveals Our Crazy

Don’t try and hide it, mamas. We know your crazy has shown in new ways since you ventured out into the world of motherhood. I polled the other moms with the question, “How has motherhood revealed your crazy?” promising they would remain anonymous. So here are some of the funniest confessions and “I’ve been there” […]

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