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Home for the Holidays

There’s No Place Like NOT Home for the Holidays

The holidays are simply bursting with magic and fun: cookies, gifts, Zoo Lights , kids’ letters to Santa (my 6-year-old just wrote “I hope you give me a present with a puppy in one of them” to the Big Guy. Sorry, kid, not happening...). This time of year is also full of stress, unfortunately, especially for us [...]
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Laundry Care is Self Care

Laundry Care Is Self-Care

Portland Moms Blog loves to share businesses and service that make life as moms easier. Laundry Care sponsored this post, but the content and opinions are our own!I was recently contacted by Laundry Care to try out their laundry service. I was a little reluctant because I’m pretty particular about my laundry and feel like […]

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Five Ways to Prepare for Christmas

Christmas is like a bad cold. You know it’s coming on, and yet we are still surprised upon its arrival. I know I’m getting older because I keep saying, “Where has this year gone?!” My husband, Clark Griswald, put up our tree the weekend after Halloween. I also noticed eggnog in the fridge. And holiday […]

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Journaling For Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

It is no secret I love to write. As a mother, I hope that my nine-year-old daughter grows up to love writing as much as I do. To nudge her along the path of prose in her self expression, I went looking for the perfect journal that would inspire her to write, and to keep […]

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