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Stuff Moms Say

Moms say the weirdest stuff to each other. Just met? EVEN BETTER. I have made friends out of complete strangers because of motherhood. Swapping recipes and parenting horror stories are just the tip of the iceberg! Does any of this sound familiar? What’s your bedtime routine? Ours is a lot like Frodo and Sam taking […]

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3 Reasons to Join Your School’s PTO

When we moved to Oregon, I was desperate to meet other people and feel connected with our new community. I decided to try a parent-teacher organization (PTO) meeting at our new school. Thanks to TV and movies, I was fairly certain joining the PTO would feel a lot like returning to my freshmen year of […]

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Middle School

An Open Letter to My Daughter Starting Middle School

To My Daughter, Welcome to middle school. These are exciting years of change and growth. You know you’ll always be my little girl and I will protect you whenever I can. That said, I can’t protect you from growing up so it’s time to get real or I would be doing you a disservice. Your parts […]

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6 Simple Ways to Support Single Moms

I have been married to my husband for eight years and we have four wonderful children. When people ask me if having four kids is hard, I shrug and say, “Nowhere near as hard as it was being a single mom.” After spending my first few years of motherhood as a single parent, I still […]

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Write It Down: Name Your Goals and Dreams

The third row down on my bookshelf is full of a collection of old journals in many different shapes and sizes. I’ve been writing down my thoughts for years. I fondly remember the summer of ’96 writing teenage poetry while burning incense and listening to Enya. I am glad I still own those journals because […]

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