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storms make trees

Where Does Your Courage Show Up?

I recently had the chance to attend a thought-provoking, community-building workshop with The Goodness Collaborative. Part of the workshop was a panel of local entrepreneurs who shared their stories of the journey they each had taken that led them to be sitting in front of all of us, sharing their thoughts and ideas and experiences. […]

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Holiday Meal - Managing Picky Eaters

Managing Holiday Meals with Picky Eaters

I am a healthy adult who was a picky eater as a child. I wanted things to be plain, separate, and definitely not mushy. At every holiday meal, my grandma used to remind me that my grandfather survived on potatoes for months as a POW.  I still remember her saying, “Oh Jessica, they are delicious… […]

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postpartum haze

My Postpartum Haze

As I feel the ache between my legs and on my chest, I am overwhelmed by a sense of lower back pain that tends to start in the middle of the day. Climbing the stairs seems harder than I ever imagined. I am so confused about this postpartum version of me. Even though this is […]

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