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Bullying is Everyone’s Problem

It happened. My son got in the car and said it, “the kids are mean to me.” I could feel my insides burn with anger and sadness thinking of his feelings and the impact they will have on his future. We talked about ways to deal with this and it passed. I made it a […]

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Muslim Mom

What a Muslim Mom Fears

“Fellow Muslim Portland friends, please be on high alert as threats have been made against our community in the Portland metro area. Stay vigilant and call the police if you see any unusual behavior.” This was a friend’s Facebook status a week after the Paris attack. My mind rushed to a hundred different scenarios. What […]

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Cutural diversity and parenting - feature

Identity Crisis: Fitting in with our differences

I’m in the Costco line getting groceries…. Random lady in line: “Where are you from?” Me: “Me? I’m from Beaverton.” Random lady: “No, like where are you from from?” Me: “Um, I’m originally from Connecticut.” Random lady: “I mean like where are you from?” {I look at her… puzzled… hoping she’d realize that I’m just […]

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