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Teal Pumpkin

The Teal Pumpkin Project: Offering More Than Just Candy This Halloween

Becoming a mother has changed the way we celebrate holidays. We now have a two-year-old interested in trick-or-treating. Therefore, the idea of handing out mass amounts of sugary treats for Halloween sits a little differently. It is nice to find a way to celebrate the holiday while promoting inclusion for everyone. Simultaneously decreasing candy intake […]

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Why I Stopped Lying to My Daughter

Lying to kids isn’t a new concept. From funny lies like “the Halloween Goblin ate the rest of your candy,” to seasonal lies like “the Elf on the Shelf is watching,” to exasperated lies like “we can’t go to the store because all of the stores are closed, yes, all of them!” Most parents have […]

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Just Say, ‘Why Not?’

The other morning before the sun had even risen, my very charming four-year-old ran into our bed room and shook me awake. Our conversation went like this: My son: “Mama, Mama, I have a great idea!” Me: “Oh yeah, what’s that?” (In my mind, I’m thinking, “Do you really have to be up so early on […]

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