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Sending Mail

Keeping in Touch Across the Miles

One of the interesting things that I have discovered since moving to Portland is that so many of the other parents I meet while we are out and about have also relocated to this wonderful city. It has been fun to get to know people originally from different parts of the country and world, and […]

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wild child

A Letter to My Wildest Little One

To my wildest little one, in honor and celebration of all the magical things as you turn four. Four! It seems so small, so young, almost insignificant. But to know you, to really know you, is to know that none of those words fit into your being. You came onto this earth quiet and observing. […]

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The Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide for Kids

I have always loved birthday parties: planning them, executing them, even cleaning up after them. None of it phases me. What shakes me when my children are invited to others’ birthday parties is the gift-buying. In my ideal world, my kids create handwritten notes with their homemade, sustainable gifts. However, in reality they hastily add a […]

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birthday parties

Five Fun & Unconventional Portland Birthday Party Ideas

We all know the drill: a birthday is coming up and we want to make it memorable for our kids. Whether it’s a homemade birthday party or going “all out,” from clowns and magicians, bowling and swimming parties, to wall climbing, ice skating, and trampolines, there are venues for birthday parties sprouting up throughout Portland. […]

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Dancing with a Star: A Visit with Cinderella

PMB is delighted to have partnered with Regal Characters, to bring you the content in this post. We loved our visit with Cinderella and think our readers would, too!“Mom,” says my four-year-old son, Kyle, as he holds out a dollhouse figurine with a sparkly gown. “This one looks just like Cinderella.” He pauses, looks wistfully […]

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first birthday parties

The Trepidation of Turning One

It only happens once in a child’s life. The great first birthday. There’s something about ‘one’ that gets us parents in a fervor. Turning one isn’t just the first real birthday we can celebrate with a party, it’s also the milestone that says, ‘You did it! You kept your kid alive for one whole year!’ […]

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memorial day

A Memorial Day Birthday

It was 2003, and I did not know any better.  I had an occasion to celebrate, so I drafted a letter.  I wrote it, and bound it, and sealed it with a kiss. I drove it over to the post office, rushed, my deadline not to miss.  My note never made it on time, I […]

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