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Wondersitter Magic {Review + Giveaway}

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{This post is sponsored by Wondersitter. I received a free babysitting session in exchange for this post. However, all opinions are my own.}

A few weeks ago I started the Bachelor’s of Health Science completion program through Pacific University. In preparation for a very intense year of working and going to school full-time in addition to writing and being a mom, I knew I would need some support on the nights I had class. So when our contributor team was asked who would like to give Wondersitter a try, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Wondersitter‘s mission is to be the best at providing wonderful sitters and wonderful service to wonderful families. And as I discovered, they  are the real deal!

To be honest, I was quite skeptical at first. Nobody has watched my girl who wasn’t a family, friend, or recommended by a trusted friend. My daughter also takes a while to warm up to female adults. I stressed about how she would behave and if she would freak out about being left alone with a stranger.

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Portland Partner and Wondersitter, Laura Terril

Laura, one of the Wondersitters, contacted me and we set up a time. I needed her to watch my daughter on Tuesday, the first day of synchronous online class. Knowing I would be home helped lower my doubts, but I still worried.

Tuesday morning I told my girl that a babysitter would be coming to play with her tonight so mama could go to school. She expressed excitement, but I didn’t think really understood what having a babysitter really entailed. That afternoon when I picked her up from preschool, she asked when the babysitter would come. I kept holding my breath as 6 p.m. drew nearer. 

Laura showed up on time. My little girl instantly smiled at her and started talking to her within five minutes of her arrival. My jaw dropped, this never happens.

After dinner, Laura took her outside to play on the little swing set downstairs in our condo complex. They played soda shop, drew with sidewalk chalk, read books, and colored with her favorite markers. Even though I had my headphones on listening to the online lecture, every so often I would take one earphone off to hear what was happening outside of the office. My ear was met with giggles and squeals of glee.

Bath time, story time, and bed time went smoother than when I’m the one in charge. My daughter was asleep by 8:30. My class went until 9 and Laura stayed until I was done. I knew by then she was hired. She was exactly the angel that this mommy needed to help me get through this intense year of school, work, and motherhood.


Wondersitter Laura instead of Wondersitter, Sitter Laura

After she left I noticed she washed down my daughter’s table and chairs, tidied the toy/book area, loaded the dishwasher, wiped down the kitchen counters, and cleaned my stove top. I actually cried. Nobody has done this for me who didn’t live in my home.

Knowing I have this service available to me has reduced the level of stress by half, and right now stress management is number one priority. Thank you, Laura, for helping this mama keep her sanity.

Now, here is where things get awesome for you. Because this post is sponsored by Wondersitter, they are giving TWO lucky readers the chance to win FOUR hours of free care (plus a waived booking fee). That’s an estimated $83 value for each winner. Seriously ladies, this is a great deal. Check out Wondersitter and enter below!




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