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A Simple Target Run Gone Wrong…With Kids in Tow

It was a Wednesday, late afternoon. I was walking with my twin five-year-old boys through Target looking for some stuff, though I never need an excuse to go to Target. It was one of those rare occasions where I’m brave enough to go to go shopping alone with my kids. In addition to loving Target, I chose going there for a few essentials versus going to the big grocery store because I was worried my kids would be squirrelly squirrels after school. I also thought a smaller store would be easier to find them if they decided to run opposite directions on me like they do at church sometimes. I could also make a quick exit if there’s a level four meltdown.


I got the giant, obnoxious cart with seating for two. Steering this thing is like trying to steer a boat. To make matters worse, my kids thought sitting in the seats was a mere suggestion, and began climbing the cart and hanging off the edges like Tom Cruise rock climbing in the beginning of Mission Impossible 2.


I was now on a mission impossible of my own; to get what I needed and get the three of us out of the store alive. The boys were literally dangling from the shopping cart, when I turned a corner and met eyes with another desperate mom shopping with her children who were also performing acrobatics off of her cart. We nodded. I smiled. Two strangers sharing a moment. I wanted to hug her but thought better of it; as a mom, someone is touching you constantly. All. Day.

I got what I needed. I dealt with the boys’ shenanigans in the checkout line. I made it out alive with children in tow. Not to mention, I only spent $6 in the “dollar section.” Warning: do not buy the “slime.” It is a huge mess. Unless you enjoy that. 

I found myself sad later about leaving Target. Forget it, I’m going shopping alone next time. A Target date with myself! And if there’s a St. Arbucks inside, I’ll even grab myself a hot bevy from the patron saint of caffeine while I’m at it!

And speaking of Target, I recently had the pleasure of appearing in Expressing Motherhood, where I met the amazing comedic mommy duo, Mommy Tonk, who wrote the perfect shopping at Target diddy. You can enjoy it here (please note this video contains a swear word or two).

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