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PMB Kids Takeover: Mother’s Day Q & A

Hello! My name is Jannah-Rae. I am a 2nd grader at St. Agatha Catholic School. For Mother’s Day, I decided to take over my mom’s post for the month of May to tell you a little more about my mom.


I think my mom is very special. She cares for me in many different ways, like asking me about my homework and piano books, and packing me enough snacks. She takes me on fun trips, both in Portland and outside of Portland, like to Disneyland. My mom also works hard to make sure I have what I need and want, like good books to read, and fun toys to play with.

On the inside my mom is a warm-hearted person. She is someone you would want as a friend. She loves nature (you can tell by her answers) and cares for others. There are many other ways she is special, but I do not have enough space for everything. So, I decided to ask her a few questions to get to know her better. 

Mother’s Day Q & A

Q~ What is your favorite color?

A~ I love bright colors, like hot pink, bold red, and purple. I also love the darker shades of blue, like royal blue and cobalt blue.

Q~ What is your favorite place to visit?

A~ A warm beach is my happy place, but anywhere I go with my family is a good place to visit. On a hot, humid, sunny day I would not mind a breezy mountain stay.


Q~ If you could do anything to change the world, what would you do?

A~ I would stop wars, end hunger, and teach everyone how to read. But some things cannot be done, so I try to change the world by raising my kids to be passionate and compassionate human beings. 

Q~ What do you want most in the world?

A~ More time (ha ha)!

Q~ What is your favorite thing to do?

A~ I enjoy a variety of things: reading, writing, taking walks, and yoga. But what I love doing most is cooking for my family, then sitting down and enjoying the meal with them. When it is time for one-on-one, I enjoy sipping tea with you (Jannah-Rae) or taking Yousef to the playground.

Q~ Do you like feeling hot or cold?

A~ I like to be hot. I hate the cold, and do not like cold weather clothes. I enjoy the heat, and can handle that better than long, cold winters.

Q~ What is your favorite food, and where do you find it? 

A~ I love sushi at Saburos, fried chicken at Michie Tavern, and breakfast at Metro20 diner. But really, I just love eating at home. I think there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal, made with love, and seasoned with attention.

Q~ Which class at school did you like most?

I loved all grades at school. My favorite subject was physics, but I also enjoyed math and literature. I always loved to write. My least favorite subject was chemistry.

Q~ What did you like about diving?

A~ I enjoyed seeing the water from within, and being with the fish. I also loved my wet suit.

Q ~ What are you thankful for?

A~ Everything I have, every day I get.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my mom. Do you see why I love her so?

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