Portland Moms Blog Turns One: Top 10 Posts from our First Year

As the founder of Portland Moms Blog, I can tell you that this site and community has, in many ways, become my third child (anyone who has ever started a business will understand). “Birthing” and building it has been MUCH harder, more rewarding, and more humbling than I ever imagined. But today, I celebrate. I hope that this site has brought you some encouragement, direction, or a laugh on a day that you needed it. I hope what you read here has reminded you that we are in this parenting thing together and that there is a local community of mamas who want to support you.

Motherhood is messy. And amazing. And exhausting. And important. And different. And life-changing. And hilarious. As you look at the posts below, you’ll see exactly that. I am beyond grateful for these local writers, moms and friends and for the chance to be part of the community of parents here in Portland.

Take some time this weekend to read these top posts from year one–you won’t be disappointed. And THANK YOU for reading and following along with us. Thank you to our contributors past and present, and to my family who also made huge sacrifices for this.

One year is just the beginning; there is much more to come. So stick around and enjoy!

PMB turns one - Top 10 posts

Top 10 Posts From Our First Year

10. Living in the Shadow of Being a Birth Mother

Being a birth mother

9. Four Ways to Build Your Mama Tribe


8. 14 Portland Mom Problems


7. Why I Won’t Tell You About My Son’s ‘Real Mom’

questions for an adoptive mom1

6. A Letter to My Pregnant Self…10 Years Later


5. 20 Places Kids Eat Free (or Cheap) in Portland


4. Here’s how moms should respond to direct sales businesses

Responding to Direct Sales MLM

3. It’s not ‘Just’ Sex

Not Just Sex

2. Four Phrases Working Moms Never Want to Hear

Four Phrases Working Moms Never Want To Hear

1. 28 Signs you may be a BOY MOM

Boy Mom

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  1. Heather March 26, 2016 at 8:03 am #

    Happy birthday Portland Moms Blog! I’m thrilled to be a faithful reader!