The ABCs of Motherhood

Motherhood is different things to different people. It is also different things at different times to these same people. One minute a frustration, the other a burst of laughter. Missed sleep, lost toys, and money spent on things that end up in the trash. But every day and everywhere motherhood is a blessing, a joy, and a medal earned. In an attempt to capture what motherhood means to me, I sought out the alphabet for inspiration and guidance. Here is the alphabet of motherhood for me right now, one letter at a time:


A ~ After: life after kids; if only I had known. 

B ~ Bath: that time I previously used to unwind has become a major event requiring hours of prep and hours of cleanup. 

C ~ Cuddles: before and after bed, sandwiching the hours, marking the favorite parts of my day. 

D ~ Dentist: there is nothing like a story from the dentist about the ‘sugar bugs’ pooping and peeing on your teeth.

E ~ Early: very early. 5:00 in the morning early. 

F ~ Friends: people who had not existed in my life before are now my best friends because of my kids. 

G ~ Gum: when did it become okay for a four-year-old to chew gum? Or is it just mine?

H ~ Hungry: my children are constantly hungry for snacks, but hardly ever for meals. 

I ~ Independent: first I wanted them to be independent, then I realized my mistake. 

J ~ Just in Case: extra outfits, snacks, band aids, butt wipes. 

K ~ Kisses: on baby lips, warm cheeks, and soft chins. On necks, hands, and heads. Theirs and mine.

L ~ Love: a whole lot of love flowing from all around our small, full house.

M ~ Moms’ Night Out: a must for every mom, at least once a month. 

N ~ No: never the right answer. 

O ~ Opinion: these kids seems to have one on everything! 

P ~ Patience: lots and lots of it. 

Q ~ Questions: the same ones asked over and over and over again.   

R ~ Resta word I now need to look up in the dictionary. It’s an illusive, evasive notion to actually take the time to sit down. 

S ~ Sleep: one of these days I will get enough. But, will I ever really? 

T ~ Tears: lots and lots shed at bedtime, bath time, meal time, get-ready time, time-to-go time, play time, and really, any time!    

U ~ Underwear: my four-year-old thinks it’s a perfectly acceptable form of attire. 

V ~ Victorious: how they feel when they have mastered a new task. 

W ~  Whining: need I say more?

X ~ X-rays, something we have been very fortunate without. 

Y ~Yelling: a really bad habit; one that I am working on breaking. 

Z ~ Zoo: one of our favorite places to visit. 

Do you have an alphabet of ways to describe your motherhood journey? We’d love to hear them!

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