Life Without a Uterus

Ladies, it’s me, your future. I’m here to tell you all is well in Hysterectomy Land.   Here in Hysterectomy Land, there are no feminine hygiene products of any kind. Why? Because your Aunt Flo will no longer be joining you, God rest her soul. With all the money you’re saving each month, you can […]

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home exchange bedroom flowers

Using Home Exchange to Travel

Since opening our business two years ago, our travel budget has plummeted. We are fortunate to have wonderful family and friends who have welcomed us into their homes so that we have been able to visit other cities. However, we have been itching to get to some other areas, but the cost of lodging has […]

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mom in therapy

Going to Therapy Makes Me a Better Mom

As moms, we spend a massive amount of our waking hours listening and responding to others. The incoming conversations change over the years, but they take up a lot of brain space, nonetheless. When my kids were younger, the conversations revolved around their processing of the world around them. I answered 9000 “why” questions a […]

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storms make trees

Where Does Your Courage Show Up?

I recently had the chance to attend a thought-provoking, community-building workshop with The Goodness Collaborative. Part of the workshop was a panel of local entrepreneurs who shared their stories of the journey they each had taken that led them to be sitting in front of all of us, sharing their thoughts and ideas and experiences. […]

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middle school rollercoaster

Middle School Drama: How to Get Off the Rollercoaster

Along with changing classes and electives, middle school emotions bring changes that can sometimes feel like you are stuck on a roller coaster. At first, the mood changes might be dismissed as hunger or fatigue and then all of the sudden you recognize them as the stage you were warned about. The chatty kids wanna […]

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Becoming a Goal Getter

I confidently stared into the mirror and the woman looking back was different. After 18 months, I had lost 100 pounds, but my eye caught something more. Achieving great success in weight loss trickled into other areas of my life in 2019. I became a blogger, a business owner, a bona fide runner, and a […]

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Health Coach Women Empowerment Business

Processing Pain While Mothering

There are no better performers than moms hiding pain from their children. And I’m a rock star.  And like you, I’m a really a good mom (never mind my 6-year old calling me a “poopy-butt” this morning).  But this year has been hard. A difficult divorce, going back to work after six years home with […]

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