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The 5 Things Moms Want For Valentine’s Day

A nap. Five minutes in the bathroom uninterrupted. The ability to sleep in on a Saturday. A hot meal you don’t have to share with anyone. A phone call without yelling at the kids. I’m sure these are all things we moms daydream about on occasion. Could someone wrap these things up for us on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps these are the best gifts! 

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a controversial issue among my friends and acquaintances. I love it, but many women don’t, as it turns out. Some couples choose not to do anything for Valentine’s Day and I say if that works for you, great! More chocolate and conversation hearts for the rest of us who enjoy commercialism! Other people opt for a family celebration. 

My only request: if you want a Valentine, tell your partner. Set them up for success. Maybe gifts aren’t their strong suit. And while I think the traditional chocolates and flowers are still a classic and awesome gesture, here are a few other creative ideas for you to pass along to them. 

1. A Subscription Box

Try Fab Fit FunIpsy, or Lip Monthly if your gal is into the latest in beauty and fashion (all are in the $10-$40 per month range). Let her know she’ll be getting a gift every month (depending on which subscription you choose) because you want her to feel special all the time! 

2. Love Book Online

Time to get creative! Tell your love story in a cute way by creating your own Love Book Online! ($38-$45 range)

3. Macarons

Want to break away from traditional chocolates and candy hearts? Why not a treat from Portland’s best French bakery, La Provence? Get a beautifully colored assortment of macarons (approximately $1.75/per macaron). Their croissants are also RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. Just FYI.) 

4. Time out

Chat with her BFF about sending her and said friend for a pedicure. Mama needs some pampering because she’s taking care of everyone else. Lord knows her feet probably look like something out of Jurassic Park. Help her out! ($50-$100 range)

5. Romance

We need to know romance isn’t dead after motherhood. We want to be women; not just “mom,” so find a sitter, make the reservations, run interference with the children so we can make ourselves presentable (like before we had kids), and then take us out for a good time! Remind us why we liked you in the first place.

More than anything, we all just want to know that we’re thought of on Valentine’s Day and every day. So, as long as your partner conveys that in a sweet and sincere way, they’re golden.

Any other unique gifts for moms on Valentine’s Day? Leave them in the comments!

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One Response to The 5 Things Moms Want For Valentine’s Day

  1. Chris Conlee February 13, 2018 at 5:38 pm #

    I particularly like your recommendation to set your partner up for success. Somehow we think it’s only romantic if he does some kind of Jedi mind game and ascertains what we want without us even giving him a clue. And worse yet … complaining about whatever he does get you. It may not be the gift of your dreams, but he got it for you, because he loves you. Given appropriate encouragement, he’ll do better as years go by. Given complaints and disappointment, he’ll do worse … or stop trying … or worse case scenario, opt to spend those years without you.