Happy Mother’s Day! Announcing PMB’s Nom-A-Mom Winners…

Happy Mother’s Day! We hope your day is filled with peace, joy, and laughter (and maybe with one less chore, a little less whining, and zero laundry). Motherhood is a tough gig; take a moment today to recognize how awesome you are at doing the job day-in, day-out.

Speaking of recognition, we’d like to announce the winners of our 2017 Mother’s Day Nom-A-Mom! Readers nominated mamas they found inspiring or fantastic for any reason, and the PMB team selected three winners. We’re offering to treat these mamas to coffee with a friend. If you are the mom who nominated your mama-friend, details will be in your inbox later today! Drumroll please…

Winner #1 is Amy, nominated by her friend Charity for being sweet, kind, and loving in difficult times. Amy has three children, and in addition to being a wonderful mother, she goes above and beyond to help others who need it. Even when her own family was dealing with repairing their home unexpectedly, Amy reached out to care for others in a time of crisis. We salute you, Amy!

Next up is Samantha, who was nominated by her friend Mindi for being an incredible friend when Mindi was new to the area. Friendship in motherhood is sacred, and we’d like to celebrate it by honoring Samantha with a special shout-out on this Mother’s Day! It’s important to recognize mothers for not just being there for their kids and family, but also for our community of moms. We all need to support one another on this crazy journey.

And finally, Susan nominated her friend Janet for her tireless work navigating early intervention to address her son’s needs. Moms will do whatever it takes to for their kids, but that doesn’t mean the road is always easy. Janet, you deserve a (coffee) break and we’d love to provide it for you!

Amy, Samantha, and Janet – congratulations! You are not only excellent mothers but clearly you are awesome friends, as each of you had someone step out to recognize you for our first PMB Nom-A-Mom! And to to all the PMB mamas out there: we wish you a fantastic Mother’s Day! Here is to hoping you get to put your feet up and take some time for yourself today (a mom can dream!).


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One Response to Happy Mother’s Day! Announcing PMB’s Nom-A-Mom Winners…

  1. Amy Estrada May 16, 2017 at 7:36 am #

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway. I’m blessed to have friends like Charity in my life. 💗