Expressing Motherhood

We are so excited to partner with Expressing Motherhood and are delighted to offer a two-ticket giveaway to PMB readers!!

It’s messy. It’s fun. It’s gross. It’s having your heart live outside of your body, and sending it out into the world. It’s every strong emotion you’ve ever felt combined with your intuition on steroids. It’s like an all-nighter with your drunken roommate. It’s yoga pants and lattes. It’s a love that is indescribable. It’s three cans of dry shampoo and a top knot. It’s a third trip to Target in one day because you keep forgetting stuff. It’s the road trips and play dates. It’s the cuddles and tantrums. It’s the owies and boo-boos. It’s back-to-back episodes of Octonauts so you can get stuff done around the house. We call it “Motherhood,” but it is all these things and more. Welcome to this terrifyingly beautiful life!

Expressing Motherhood

Our bond as moms is unlike any other. The things that bond us are stronger than anything that divides us. We have much more in common than we realize. Even though everyone has their own story and journey, all our paths intersect on the corner of ‘love and chaos.’ Ten years ago, expectant moms Lindsay Kavet and Jessica Cribbs, created a show called Expressing Motherhood in Los Angeles. Unlike anything seen before, it gave a strong voice to motherhood through spoken word, written word, music and video. It features real people, telling honest and raw stories that will make you laugh, cry, and maybe both at the same time. Due to the impact of this show, the creators took it to New York in 2008 and performed it off-off Broadway to sold-out audiences. This show has had almost four-hundred performers and sold tickets to over ten thousand people. 

Since then, this mommy rocket of a show fueled with estrogen has taken the country by storm. From the home of its inception, Los Angeles, to the South Bay, Boston, Chicago, Sioux Falls, San Francisco, Burbank, Santa Barbara, and Tacoma, buckle your seat belts because the #ExMoShow is coming to Portland on October 17, 7 p.m. at the Alberta Rose Theatre. Women from all over our town will bare their souls about motherhood in this special one night only event.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to grab your mommy tribe and have that deserved night out! You can even come early for drinks and bring your bevies inside the theater! I’m especially excited to share about this show because I’m one of the local performers involved in this Portland debut! I’ll be sharing my story and hearing the others as well. Shows like this rely on a grass roots effort to get the word out. Follow Expressing Motherhood on Facebook and Instagram and the hashtag #ExMoShow. Most importantly, come see this show – and bring your friends!

It’s the blow-out diaper in the car seat on your way to Grandma’s. It’s the late night calls to your mom to apologize for being an awful child. It’s potty training. It’s driver’s ed. It’s spit up on your shirt. It’s not knowing what day of the week it is. It’s comforting a new mom because you’ve ‘been there.’ It’s a judgement-free zone. It’s Expressing Motherhood. More than a show, it’s a movement. See you there!

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Expressing Motherhood - 2 Tickets - October 17, 7pm

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One Response to Expressing Motherhood

  1. Jeff December 7, 2017 at 2:02 am #

    If you think listening to Jenny on stage is a wild ride…try being her dad!. She is one of the most authentic people I know. She makes me laugh…she makes me cry. But I always know I am hearing sincerity.
    Love you, baby girl.