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The Day I Slapped My Son

I’ve been tired lately. So very very tired. I guess we all are. It’s sort of a badge of honor when you become a mom. Your work triples, your sleep gets cut in half and your temper and patience is shortened to the point of non-existence. We can barely check our attitudes when we’re that exhausted…snapping […]

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15 Hacks for the New Mom

Let’s be honest. Being a new mom is hard enough. Your entire world is rocked like a 9.0 earthquake. Your body is doing weird things; you’re up all night with this tiny, new human being that is just as overwhelmed and confused as you, and now people want you to leave the house and just […]

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Roseburg school shooting

Today, it was Roseburg

At 11 a.m. this morning I was driving around doing errands when I heard a news report that brought tears to my eyes.  “A mass shooting has been reported at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Several fatalities have been reported and many more injuries are expected,” said the rumbling voice.  I can remember a […]

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