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Processing Pain While Mothering

There are no better performers than moms hiding pain from their children. And I’m a rock star.  And like you, I’m a really a good mom (never mind my 6-year old calling me a “poopy-butt” this morning).  But this year has been hard. A difficult divorce, going back to work after six years home with […]

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Moms Who Meditate

It seems like every parenting, self-help, and health guru is encouraging their followers to adopt a meditation practice. And why not, when meditation and mindfulness are touted as solutions for everything from anxiety to immunity to memory loss prevention? What’s more, those who have cultivated a regular mindfulness practice claim it’s a multiplier, that whatever [...]
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No One MAKES Us Feel Bad

“Mom, Max made me feel bad!” Nope. No he didn’t. In fact it’s impossible. No one can make you feel bad. This is a concept that is not only foreign to our children, but absolutely foreign to most of us, the parents. It’s quite interesting because I know I was always told to say, “Sticks […]

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domestic violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: 5 Misunderstood Truths About Abuse

October is domestic violence awareness month, and I wanted to address this issue and possibly provide some education on the subject. Whether or not you are in a relationship, and even if your relationship is healthy and positive, I encourage you to read below FIVE misunderstood truths about domestic violence. Not only can this information […]

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