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memorial day

A Memorial Day Birthday

It was 2003, and I did not know any better.  I had an occasion to celebrate, so I drafted a letter.  I wrote it, and bound it, and sealed it with a kiss. I drove it over to the post office, rushed, my deadline not to miss.  My note never made it on time, I […]

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Relationship Reboot After Baby

It can be an overwhelming task preparing to bring a little love into the world. With all the pre-birth parental decisions about cloth vs. disposable, crib vs. co-sleeping, and daycare waitlists, it never fully occurred to me what a holistic impact one little person would have on all the relationships I have ever formed. Sitting […]

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The Most Romantic Words My Husband Ever Said

It’s not “I love you,” “I do,” or “You’re the most wonderful woman in the world,” although it’s definitely nice to hear that.  The most romantic words my husband ever said came when we were watching a late-night talk show.  The host was teasing a newly-engaged celebrity that, “You know you’ll only ever get to […]

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Not Just Sex

It’s Not *Just* Sex

  Something happened last night. Something that doesn’t happen as often as I would like, or as infrequently as I think. Something that every married couple (especially) should be doing regularly. Something that is awesome and natural. Something that is talked about in every magazine in every store in every town. I had sex with […]

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