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The Xfinity Smart Home of Your Dreams

Portland Moms Blog has partnered with Xfinity to bring you the information in this post; we love sharing updates and information from businesses we trust, and the views expressed here are our own!I love the Street of Dreams. I go every year and geek out over new design ideas, including the smart home tech stuff. […]

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Laundry Care is Self Care

Laundry Care is Self-Care

Portland Moms Blog loves to share businesses and service that make life as moms easier. Laundry Care sponsored this post, but the content and opinions are our own!I was recently contacted by Laundry Care to try out their laundry service. I was a little reluctant because I’m pretty particular about my laundry and feel like […]

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Embracing A Season of Change While Moving

I always underestimate what an incredible task moving is. For every box I think we will need, we actually need five. I misjudge the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated in the depths of the closets and end up spending twice as much time as I planned packing each room. I start out hesitant to give […]

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Sustainable Kitchen: Save Time, Energy & Money While Reducing Your Environmental Impact

The kitchen for most families is the hub of activity, the place where families and friends are brought together to enjoy good food and wine. It’s where refrigerators and pantries store raw ingredients and staples, where fresh coffee is brewed, and on a less cheery note, it’s where the majority of cleaning takes place! Have […]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning, Portland Style

The last couple of weeks have given Portlanders hope that spring will in fact return, and the days of unpredictable gray skies, ice storms, and bone-chilling cold are almost over. The crocuses reach their thin green necks above the earth, mirroring our own necks craning towards the sun. Like bears waking from hibernation, we remember […]

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5 Ways to Be More Productive

It is ironic that I’m writing about being productive. January was the longest five months of my life. I had influenza A and pneumonia. After nearly three weeks down and just as I started to feel better, I slipped and fell while taking out the garbage, dislocating and breaking my ankle in three places. I […]

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Kat Depner helps you win the battle against a warzone closet

Organizing Your Closet: Winning the Battle in Your War Zone Wardrobe

The battle of organizing my closet all started with an innocent promise of brunch. Within seconds, I was scrolling through provocative displays of Hollandaise sauce, eyes wide and mouth gaping open like an anime character. All I needed now was my partner in crime, my little black dress (LBD): a spandex-laden saint that could stealthily disguise […]

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