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Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet

Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet For Busy Moms

Remember those solemn Christmas mornings? It felt so good to feel the early morning breeze of Christmas that calms your soul. Remember those times when you had a good night’s sleep that gets you to wake up feeling refreshed? Yes, I do too. But now that we are already busy moms, there’s almost no room […]

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Where Do I Put All of This?! A PDX Guide to Holiday Recycling

Every year after the holidays I am overcome with this intense urge to purge and donate all of our belongings. There’s nothing like reading the articles about making do with less “stuff” (while being bombarded with non-stop advertising), paired with the all of the new items our families so generously gift to us, to have me […]

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Home for the Holidays

There’s No Place Like NOT Home for the Holidays

The holidays are simply bursting with magic and fun: cookies, gifts, Zoo Lights , kids’ letters to Santa (my 6-year-old just wrote “I hope you give me a present with a puppy in one of them” to the Big Guy. Sorry, kid, not happening...). This time of year is also full of stress, unfortunately, especially for us [...]
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5 Ways to Teach Perspective and Gratitude

I’d love to say that I’m the parent that teaches my kids gratitude all year long. I mean, we talk about it a bit. They aren’t heathens! However, gratitude seems to come to the forefront of my mind even more than usual during the holiday season. So, as any guilt ridden mother would do, I POUR ON […]

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