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Lice survival guide

Lice Survival Guide

I am a survivor of what felt like a plague that left us quarantined from the rest of the world until it could be eradicated. An infestation of the dreaded pest all elementary school parents fear—LICE. My kids have come home from school with the parasitic pests three times, and always in the colder months. As one […]

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Baby with Teeth

Keeping Kids’ Teeth Healthy {Expert Answers from Portland Children’s Dentistry}

This post is sponsored by our friends at Portland Children’s Dentistry. We first met Dr. Patty and some of her team at our summer playdate and were truly impressed; so when the topic of healthy teeth came up, we knew it was time to call in these local experts for their professional guidance. Today, Dr. Patty […]

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Down Syndrome Mom Perspective

Down Syndrome Through the Eyes of a Mom

One in every 691 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome. It’s easy to gloss over that number or not think about what that means for a child or family until you actually know and love someone who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.  It was like that for me, I could […]

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Untitled design

Loving (and Hating) the Pink Ribbon: How to Truly Honor a Breast Cancer Survivor

October is breast cancer awareness month. It would be nearly impossible for you not to know this. Come October, it’s quite difficult to go anywhere without seeing pink ribbons flying, buildings lit up in a rose color hue and companies eager to show their commitment through creative, yet often self-serving cause-marketing campaigns. One of the […]

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Filling the Mama Well

As a working at home mom, I quickly discovered how fast my well can deplete when I’m trying to be mommy, cancer registrar, writer, wife, and friend to my family, coworkers, and friends. Sleep deprivation, constant interruptions, and never having a moment to yourself to recharge can hasten the crash and burn at mach speed. […]

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Mom Self-Care

Taking Care of Yourself in Just One Step

“I’m going to the gym,” he said. I wanted to kill him. “Okay, see you later,” I said unenthusiastically. This routine continued for days. My husband would go to the gym while I took care of both kids. We had just brought our second baby home a few weeks prior. Our toddler had a pretty […]

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Post-Pregnancy Pooch

My Gut Feelings: Accepting the Post-Pregnancy Pooch

All of the pregnancy books I bought from the bookstore when I was pregnant for the first time droned on and on about swollen feet, linea nigra, and episiotomies, but none of them them talked about the huge body mass changes that come from gestating and birthing another human being. Each of my pregnancies changed […]

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