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Coffee Shop

9 Family-Friendly Portland Cafes

The seasons have changed and the rain has set in. When that happens it’s always nice to have a tried and true kid-friendly coffee shop in PDX to venture out to. Sometimes mom just needs a little pick-me-up because we all know that adulting and parenting is a challenging job and not for the weak. […]

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Sending Mail

Keeping In Touch Across the Miles

One of the interesting things that I have discovered since moving to Portland is that so many of the other parents I meet while we are out and about have also relocated to this wonderful city. It has been fun to get to know people originally from different parts of the country and world, and […]

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family costumes

10 Family Costume Ideas

My family rarely dresses up in family costumes. The closest we've ever gotten is when my boys wanted to be Harry Potter and his owl, Hedwig. So, I did my take on Dolores Umbridge. I thought the cat brooch and all-pink ensemble was enough, but people just thought it was my normal attire. It was [...]
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wild child

A Letter To My Wildest Little One

To my wildest little one, in honor and celebration of all the magical things as you turn four. Four! It seems so small, so young, almost insignificant. But to know you, to really know you, is to know that none of those words fit into your being. You came onto this earth quiet and observing. […]

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