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The Best Portland Perennials For Your Garden

My favorite part of the year is when winter comes to an end and the flora that surrounds my home bursts back to life with blossoming colors. If you’re looking for plants to brighten your own flower garden, check out this list for long-living perennial plants that grow well here in Portland. Ferns Shade, evergreen, […]

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Tending Crops and Hearts: A Family Gardening Guide

Gardening has become my favorite stay-at-home mom escape. The smell of the soil, the warm sun beating down, and the joy of watching edible things grow is better than therapy! From March through October when the question “where’s mom” is asked in our home, the most obvious answer is, “in her garden.” I love prepping […]

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DIY Fail

Do You Have a Winning DIY Fail?

This post is sponsored by U.S. Bank. All opinions, as always, are my own.  I adore watching HGTV and the DIY network. If it weren’t for my kids and work, I would have these shows on all day long. And if I didn’t have 100 other responsibilities, I would also spend my days online admiring before and […]

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Arts and Crafts Fail: A Story of Slime

It was a gray, rainy Saturday afternoon; the baby was napping, and my two girls refused to be entertained by Disney princesses or the good clean fun of coloring books. No, they had an appetite for some sort of creative (i.e. messy) fun. But alas, therein lies the problem; I am an admitted failure at […]

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