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Stuck Inside Survival Guide

The Stuck Inside Survival Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous disruption and uncertainty in our lives and the lives of our children. We all have BIG feelings right now, and the best course of action is to try to take it one day at a time. While it's absolutely necessary to get outside each day, a large part of controlling [...]
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Coronavirus - Handwashing

Coronavirus in the Pacific Northwest :: How Are Families Preparing?

Editor’s Note: This post was written prior to school closures, event cancellations, and business restrictions. Current recommendations go far beyond the preparatory remarks in this post; please practice social distancing by staying home, limiting yourself to only essential tasks, and by keeping your family and others in our community safe and healthy.This past week, I […]

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family costumes

10 Family Costume Ideas

My family rarely dresses up in family costumes. The closest we've ever gotten is when my boys wanted to be Harry Potter and his owl, Hedwig. So, I did my take on Dolores Umbridge. I thought the cat brooch and all-pink ensemble was enough, but people just thought it was my normal attire. It was [...]
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The Badge of Busy

Fall is here! With kids back in school we think we will have so much time, but in reality our world become much more busy. Sure the kids are gone all day, but enter in the EXTRA-CURRICULAR activities! Yup, this is the reintroduction of being a parent/chauffeur/volunteer. We’ve got sports, PTA/PTO meetings, scouts, school dances, […]

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splash pad moms

5 Types of Portland Splash Pad Moms

We don’t live near an outdoor community pool (and swimming inside feels offensive to the season), we’ve become familiar with the local park’s splash pad. My kids enjoy having the option of playing in the water or playing on the playground, and I enjoy sitting in one spot while they move from one location to […]

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