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Becoming a Goal Getter

I confidently stared into the mirror and the woman looking back was different. After 18 months, I had lost 100 pounds, but my eye caught something more. Achieving great success in weight loss trickled into other areas of my life in 2019. I became a blogger, a business owner, a bona fide runner, and a […]

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Teaching Kids How to Fail

My oldest turned twelve in February. As you can imagine, we are getting into the stage of childhood that rivals any Marvel movie battle. I am just a mom trying to help, and he is a middler schooler trying to create his own way. I try to remind him of his homework and wearing his […]

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Consent and Positive Parenting

It’s been a big time: Halloween, the end of Daylight Savings, and, of course, the mid-term election. With current events shining a spotlight on the meaning of consent and as a parent educator, I’m in awe of how recent political movements create a new day for our children. How can we as parents maximize the […]

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respectful men

Boy Mom Talk: Raising Respectful Men

My boys are my greatest achievements and my deepest work. Parenting is a challenge, no matter the gender, and I have been thoroughly exhausted on multiple occasions from the high energy and constant fighting between my two boys. I choose my battles to save my energy so I can teach the most important lesson: raising them to […]

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