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Why I Stopped Lying to My Daughter

Lying to kids isn’t a new concept. From funny lies like “the Halloween Goblin ate the rest of your candy,” to seasonal lies like “the Elf on the Shelf is watching,” to exasperated lies like “we can’t go to the store because all of the stores are closed, yes, all of them!” Most parents have […]

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parenting failures

Parenting Failures: They Happen to All of Us

Irony can be a cruel knife. As I sit to write this post on parenting failures, I am still seething from the bajillion, and mostly minor injustices that my kids inflicted upon me tonight as I parent without my husband, who’s away on business. Why do my children have to act so…childish?!    Being frazzled, […]

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Embracing the Yes Life

Last night my daughter woke up from a nightmare saying “no, no, no.” As I held her little body in my arms, her head resting on my chest, she sank back into a deep sleep. I listened to her breathing and thought about what she called out, and it broke my heart a little.  “No.”  […]

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