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Preparing for Adoption

Preparing for Adoption

Thinking of adopting a child? It can be a blissful, worthwhile experience – but it can also be a baffling, exasperating journey. It’s a process that will affect your life, the people around you (most especially your immediate family) and, of course, the life of the adopted child. And since it is  a lifelong commitment, […]

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Even Superman Was Adopted

Steve Jobs? Adopted. Whether you are a fan or love Apple products or not, you can’t deny the man’s contributions to technology and creativity that changed the world. Or what about Thor’s brother, super villain-hottie-frost giant, Loki? Also adopted. Probably not a great example. SUPERMAN. Yes, even Superman was adopted. The moment our eyes met, […]

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matching outfits

Why I Dress My Kids in Matching Outfits

I absolutely love to coordinate the clothes of my children, and on occasion include my husband and myself into the mix. Since summer is here and fun family trips and lots of photo opportunities are on the horizon, I thought I would share some of the reasons why I think it’s fun to dress my kids […]

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motherhood truths

Motherhood Truths from a Mom of Many

I first entered motherhood when my oldest daughter was born nine years ago. Fast forward to now and I have given birth to a second daughter, adopted three from foster care, and fostered five more. Over the years, I have parented kids with histories of trauma, PTSD, cognitive and physical delays, sensory needs, and attachment struggles. […]

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