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28 Signs You May Be a ‘GIRL MOM’

A year ago we shared a great post about being a ‘boy mom.’ And there have been many other viral posts written about such. Mothers glance lovingly at their raucous little men, and say things like, “Oh, he’s all boy,” and talk about how they are ‘noise with dirt on them,’ they make weapons out […]

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memorial day

Staycation: 7 Things To Do On Memorial Day Weekend

Historically, Memorial Day is a holiday to honor military personnel who have given their lives in the line of duty. Since many employers and almost all schools have a three-day weekend, a lot of people choose to celebrate this weekend with sale-hopping, camp-outs or barbecues. Whichever suits your fancy, here are some last-minute ideas for […]

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It’s Not a Competition

I’m gonna be honest. There are moments of each and every day when I do not feel like I’m good enough. The voices I allow in my head tell me that I will never be, have or do what others seem to succeed easily at. The blogs I read, the Facebook posts I see, and […]

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Tending Crops and Hearts: A Family Gardening Guide

Gardening has become my favorite stay-at-home mom escape. The smell of the soil, the warm sun beating down, and the joy of watching edible things grow is better than therapy! From March through October when the question “where’s mom” is asked in our home, the most obvious answer is, “in her garden.” I love prepping […]

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