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You are one day closer to using the bathroom without an audience

10 Mostly Positive Affirmations for Realist Moms

Some days of mothering are long, difficult, and seriously lacking in encouragement, especially since all of the kids are out of their routine on summer break. I went through an embarrassingly large amount of chocolate in the first week my own kids were home from school, no doubt a coping mechanism for skyrocketing levels of […]

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great plants for growing

The Best Portland Perennials For Your Garden

My favorite part of the year is when winter comes to an end and the flora that surrounds my home bursts back to life with blossoming colors. If you’re looking for plants to brighten your own flower garden, check out this list for long-living perennial plants that grow well here in Portland. Ferns Shade, evergreen, […]

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Midwives Birth Story

The Midwives By My Side

It just so happened that I attended Birthingway College’s “So You Want To Be A Midwife” event a few weeks prior to getting those two life-changing pink lines. Although it hadn’t been on my mind at the event, there was one midwife on the midwives panel that I really liked and felt I could trust. […]

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when sickness strikes moms illness kit

When Sickness Strikes: A Mom’s Illness Kit

Moms wear many hats, and regardless of whether or not you have any actual medical training, one of them is being the family nurse. It’s such an important role, I’ve compiled a little guide to creating your own illness kit. So, when germy sickness strikes your kids, you’ll be prepared. Note: I am not a doctor, […]

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