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volunteer with kids

Want to Volunteer With Your Kids? Me Too.

My annual resolution to regularly volunteer with my kids is failing. Already. Again. I want to get my kids volunteering more. I’ve been saying this for about three years. They need to step outside of themselves and gain some perspective about life. I’d like them to do this regularly. Not just a handful of times […]

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middle school rollercoaster

Middle School Drama: How to Get Off the Rollercoaster

Along with changing classes and electives, middle school emotions bring changes that can sometimes feel like you are stuck on a roller coaster. At first, the mood changes might be dismissed as hunger or fatigue and then all of the sudden you recognize them as the stage you were warned about. The chatty kids wanna […]

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You Bought the Puberty Book… Now What?

Maybe you have been waiting for this moment. Maybe you have been dreading it. Either way, it’s go time. You smell the faint onion-y whiff of BO. You see the beginnings of boobs. Your dentist suggests a visit to the orthodontist. You talk to your friends. Armed with suggestions and Goodreads reviews you head to [...]
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