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Letter From Teacher

Dear Parents: Letter From A Teacher

Dear Parents, Teachers are gearing up for the school year slowly approaching. We are in staff development workshops, preparing our course websites/course materials, and quickly getting our classrooms ready for your littles (and not so littles) to join us on a journey of learning. As a parent and teacher, I feel the urge to educate […]

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Mom Self-Care

Taking Care of Yourself in Just One Step

“I’m going to the gym,” he said. I wanted to kill him. “Okay, see you later,” I said unenthusiastically. This routine continued for days. My husband would go to the gym while I took care of both kids. We had just brought our second baby home a few weeks prior. Our toddler had a pretty […]

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Creating a Future-Focused Family Budget

It’s 5:45 p.m. and I still haven’t heard from my husband. He usually calls me as soon as he leaves the office, but he hasn’t yet today. My mind races. Could something have happened at work? Did he get into a car accident in traffic? Do I even want to check the news? My husband […]

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Marketing Motherhood - Resumes Networking and Staying Relevant

Marketing Motherhood: Advice on Resumes, Networking and Staying Relevant

People asked me if I’d come back after maternity leave. I laughed and explained to them that five weeks after my due date is our intern farewell event. Given that I had personally recruited, interviewed and helped hand pick these amazing, talented individuals, I couldn’t imagine NOT coming back immediately after having a baby. After […]

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Cutural diversity and parenting - feature

Identity Crisis: Fitting in with our differences

I’m in the Costco line getting groceries…. Random lady in line: “Where are you from?” Me: “Me? I’m from Beaverton.” Random lady: “No, like where are you from from?” Me: “Um, I’m originally from Connecticut.” Random lady: “I mean like where are you from?” {I look at her… puzzled… hoping she’d realize that I’m just […]

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