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new year

New Year, New You…Or Not

As I sit here and ponder my best moments of last year and my resolutions for the new year, I think about how far I’ve come, how much I’ve accomplished, and how much my kids are actually not demon-like monsters. Rather than set resolutions for myself, which just means I’m constantly striving to improve myself, […]

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School boundaries

The Debacle Over Public School Boundaries

School boundaries are a big deal right now if you’re in the Portland Public School (PPS) or Beaverton School (BSD) districts.  I am not talking the “please stay out of my space” boundaries. I mean the school boundaries that devastate parents when they hear their children will go to a different school than they originally planned […]

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16 White Lies I Tell My Toddlers (And You Should Too)

Motherhood is hard. There isn’t a manual, book or Google search to help begin to answer the 10,000 questions I’ve Googled anyway out of desperation, curiosity or just sheer exhaustion. I tried searching Terrible Twos, then Terrible Threes and I came up on nothing that was actually helpful. Despite my amazing grades in school and rave performance […]

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