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Logo for 2019-2020 Portland Birthday Party Guide

The PMB 2019-2020 Portland Birthday Party Guide is Here!

The highly anticipated Portland Birthday Party Guide {2019-2020} is finally here (and it's better than ever)! We all have kids. They all have birthdays. While birthday parties definitely come with perks (did someone say cake?), planning the party can get overwhelming. Fear not fellow moms. Our Portland Birthday Party Guide features some of the best vendors [...]
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Oregon Schools Closing May 8

Why Will So Many Oregon Schools Close on May 8?

If you have school-aged children just about anywhere in Oregon (and maybe even if you don’t), you’ve probably heard that SOMETHING is happening this Wednesday, May 8th. School districts all over the state will not be open or will operate on a shorter schedule, leaving many Oregonians (parents and non-parents alike) to question: what’s going […]

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