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Road Trip

Day Tripping Down I-5

I was at our local library and my daughter decided that she wanted to sign up to get her own library card. My knee-jerk reaction was to convince her that my library card was actually her card that I had just been holding for her. In all honesty, the last thing that I wanted to […]

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storms make trees

Where Does Your Courage Show Up?

I recently had the chance to attend a thought-provoking, community-building workshop with The Goodness Collaborative. Part of the workshop was a panel of local entrepreneurs who shared their stories of the journey they each had taken that led them to be sitting in front of all of us, sharing their thoughts and ideas and experiences. […]

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Where Do I Put All of This?! A PDX Guide to Holiday Recycling

Every year after the holidays I am overcome with this intense urge to purge and donate all of our belongings. There’s nothing like reading the articles about making do with less “stuff” (while being bombarded with non-stop advertising), paired with the all of the new items our families so generously gift to us, to have me […]

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Sending Mail

Keeping in Touch Across the Miles

One of the interesting things that I have discovered since moving to Portland is that so many of the other parents I meet while we are out and about have also relocated to this wonderful city. It has been fun to get to know people originally from different parts of the country and world, and […]

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wild child

A Letter to My Wildest Little One

To my wildest little one, in honor and celebration of all the magical things as you turn four. Four! It seems so small, so young, almost insignificant. But to know you, to really know you, is to know that none of those words fit into your being. You came onto this earth quiet and observing. […]

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wish I knew

20 Things They Forgot to Mention

My younger sister is having her first baby in October, and it has been so much fun preparing to welcome a new little one into our family. My kids are five and three, so while pregnancy and all things infant really weren’t that long ago, it sure seems like a distant memory! As I prepare […]

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Embracing A Season of Change While Moving

I always underestimate what an incredible task moving is. For every box I think we will need, we actually need five. I misjudge the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated in the depths of the closets and end up spending twice as much time as I planned packing each room. I start out hesitant to give […]

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