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I’m a PokeMom

There are those of us who have just dreamed of the day when they could catch a Pokemon in the wild. Likely when we were children and the little creatures were all the rage, but nevertheless, it planted the seed. Well, friends, the time has come to put on our ball caps and backpacks, and […]

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I Miss My Speech-Delayed Child

Raising a speech-delayed child is very challenging. It is so much more than just getting them on the same level as other children. It can be failing to get through to them or them failing to get through to YOU, causing them to act out. Some people have graced these clusters of undesirable behavior with the title of […]

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Light it Up Any Color You Want, As Long As the Light of Autism is Shining

Within the autism community, there are SO many people and also SO many different viewpoints on the issues. Things you might think the community as a whole should agree upon, right? Yeah, not so much. For instance, try asking about ‘autism awareness’ vs. ‘autism acceptance’ and you’re bound to get someone on either side riled up. […]

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Combating The Sanctimommy Movement

I can’t say when the Sanctimommy Movement started precisely, but it probably had a finger in the pie of parenting since the dawn of time. It’s understandable how it came to be with the age of the internet and unlimited access it provides to parenting resources. That whole “It Takes A Village” mentality is kind […]

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