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Arts and Crafts Fail: A Story of Slime

It was a gray, rainy Saturday afternoon; the baby was napping, and my two girls refused to be entertained by Disney princesses or the good clean fun of coloring books. No, they had an appetite for some sort of creative (i.e. messy) fun. But alas, therein lies the problem; I am an admitted failure at […]

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Photo Credit : Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Creative Date Nights in Portland

No matter if you’ve been together one year or ten, all parents need a bit of time together to recharge and reset their relationship. Yes, I’m talking date night! Make time for each other, it’s worth it. This most certainly applies to my husband and myself. As full-time working parents of three small children, we […]

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Outside of Infertility-1

{Outside of} Infertility

I’ve got a secret. I’ve been on the outside for almost exactly 7 years to the day. You know that scene in the movie Groundhog Day (I may be aging myself a bit here) where the clock flips to 6:00 a.m. and the music starts and Bill Murray’s character wakes up and realizes he’s starting […]

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