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and the Moms Who Live Here

A Love Letter to Portland

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Roses are red, violets are blue,
They say life is weird, and Portland is too.
But Stumptown, I love you, and need you to know
Why each year that passes, my love seems to grow.

I’d like to tell you from deep in my soul
Why you’re so spectacular. You ready? Let’s go.
First, the unipiper fills my heart with glee,
As do the chants of the Timbers Army.
But then, it gets better, there’s so so much more,
Because – good heavens! – we have Powell’s bookstore.

There’s breweries, the Pearl, and scenic Mt Tabor,
Tryon Creek, two rivers, roasters serving up flavor,
First and Last Thursday, small vintage shops,
Not to mention a few dozen hiking spots!

Portland, I don’t know how you do what you do,
Even your doughnuts are filled with voodoo!
If I wasn’t married, “I do” I would say
At the world’s smallest park on Naito Parkway.

But in this Silicon Forest so near to Mt Hood,
It’s the bounty you offer my kids that’s so good:
Swimming, berry-picking and days at the coast,
Kid fun-runs and restaurants and what they love most,
Indoor playgrounds, parades, and bike paths, too,
Or the Children’s Museum and the Oregon zoo.

You’ve given my family a place to call home,
So we’re in for the long haul, with no need to roam.
My hope is that we can grow old together,
And keep this City of Roses blooming forever.
So Portland, what this poem is trying to say
Is I send you my love this Valentine’s Day.

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