Expressing Motherhood: The Perfect Mom’s Night Out

Many thanks to our partners at Expressing Motherhood for bringing us the content for this post, and for bringing this amazing show to Portland! After attending the show last year, we can say with confidence that our readers will love it!

Being a mom is hard. Everyone has a story. How we became moms. Our struggles. Our triumphs. Our minivans that smell like French fries. Expressing Motherhood is a show that was founded ten years ago in LA by Lindsay Kavet, who came to Portland last fall to bring us this unique and raw story-telling experience. I was honored to be a part of the first Portland cast of Expressing Motherhood, and am thrilled to be part of the cast again on April 17! 

Expressing Motherhood April 17, 2018

I caught up with fellow Portland Moms Blog contributor, Nadia Hasan, who will be making her #ExMoShow debut to discuss what she thought of the show last fall, why she submitted a story and why she’s looking forward to it.

I am thrilled to share this experience with Nadia. Gather up your mom squad and come to the show! It will make the BEST moms night out for you and your mom friends!

April 17, 7-9pm, Alberta Rose Theatre – tickets are only $25! Get them here.

Motherhood is the scariest hood you’ll ever go through. Don’t go it alone.

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