Don’t Forget to Laugh

Will this mom thing ever get easier? Nope. Not easier. Just different. I’ve cracked the code, friends. Basically through each stage, your problems just move to a different area of your house. Trouble has somehow gotten ahold of your blueprints, and uses it as a map. For me, trouble began in my twin boys’ bedroom.


I remember delirium setting in from sleep deprivation as I wondered if I’d ever sleep again. Then once we got sleep training down, I was barely done with my victory lap before we moved onto potty training. My hand was forced when trouble made its way to the bathroom. 

I remember the puddle on the floor when one twin decided to free himself of the shackles of diaper wearing and establish a pee corner. (Here I was thinking that was something you only did when you were trapped in an elevator.) Oh, good. He pooped, too. At least he did it on the hardwood floor? Is he a child or a puppy? 

Eventually, though, we got potty training down and I was smug for approximately thirty-six hours. Then, all of a sudden, dinner time became an all-out war. See, that’s how trouble migrated south for the winter and made its way down to my kitchen. 

One child was picky while at the same time I was making an appointment with a doctor for the other one to see if he has a hallow leg. One just eats and eats. When he’s done with his food, he moves onto ours. “You gonna eat that?” And yet the other wants nothing but pizza. Is he becoming a ninja turtle? Am I raising superhero mutants? If so, that’s kind of awesome. 

I’m learning to embrace each stage and challenge, and remember to laugh even in the trouble. Because, the truth is we are all currently living in “the good ole days.” 

We just started kindergarten. The shoes I bought for one of my kids do not fit him. He grew a whole shoe size this summer. Truly no area of the house is safe from trouble, not even the shoe basket

There is great comfort in knowing that all of you reading this have experienced these things in some form or another. I’m so glad we have each other. So, no matter where trouble is living in your house, don’t forget to laugh. 

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