Five Things I Suck At As a Mom

Being a mom is hard. Some things I can manage decently, but then there are other things about momming that I really suck at. Here are my top five mom things I suck at and why:

1. Grocery Shopping

As a mom, I find shopping for food and necessities soul crushing. If I have to take the kids with me, it becomes less about my list and more about what we need to survive. Sometimes, grocery shopping goes so badly, it ends up being a negotiation about stuff they want or what I am willing to bribe them with for their good behavior.

2. Laundry

Is it ever finished? Will it go on forever? I have piles. It looks like a replica of the Three Sisters. My kids jump into them like a child frolicking in the colorful leaves of a fall day. Only those aren’t leaves; they’re socks. And yes, the pile is clean…or it used to be.

3. Activities Planning

Crafts I think will take an hour take only ten minutes. Outings that I think are fool-proof turn into a disaster. Basically, I am the poster mom of Pinterest fails.

4. RSVPing to Anything

Where are we supposed to be today? I dunno! There’s a party?! Shoot. We can’t go without a gift. Everyone, find your shoes! We’re going to Target for the second time today! WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?!

5. Self Care

I suck at taking care of myself, but I am getting better at it. More and more I realize I can take better care of everyone if I myself am well. This means regular doctor visits, getting that cavity filled, and cutting myself some slack. Because at the end of the day, my kids are loved and well cared for.

Being a mom is hard. Are you really failing or are you just too hard on yourself? My kids will someday be at an age where taking them to the grocery store doesn’t make me call the therapist. They won’t care that the laundry didn’t get folded promptly. Or that we spent a lot of time painting rocks and watching Troll Hunters on Netflix. Or that they missed a classmate’s party. Hopefully all they’ll remember is mom doing her best – and how even on the hardest of days, I am so glad to be their mother. 

5 Things I Suck At As A Mom

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