Tulip Season: Our Favorite Family Spring Activity

One of my favorite things to do in Portland each spring is go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. It’s simply breathtaking! The vibrant colors that go on for acres are just stunning. I could sit for hours on a blue sky day with the majestic Mt. Hood in the distance, and just take it all in. But, I take my kids so that doesn’t happen! 


The farm is open this year March 24th-April 30th. You can go online to get pictures and updates on the status of the field so you know exactly what to expect before driving out there.

Even on a gray day those vibrant colors are enough to make you feel like the sun is shining. It does cost to get into the farm but all the things there are to do inside is always worth the price and the long drive to get there! Not only is a trip to the tulip farm good for the soul after a long, cold, dreary winter (and this winter has been especially long) it’s really fun. They have many activities for the kids to do, both free and those that cost.

Here are our family’s favorite things to do there: 

Free Activities 

  • Running through the fields tulip
  • Riding the little pink tractor
  • Seeing the big steam tractors
  • Duck Water Races
  • Sandboxes with trucks
  • Playing in the hay bales
  • Horse tire swing
  • Slide
  • Hay ride 
  • Photo booths 

Activities for a Small Fee 

  • Cow train
  • Tour train
  • Hot air balloon rides 
  • Pony rides
  • Bounce houses
  • Bungy jumper
  • Rock wall
  • Zip line
  • Archery tag
  • On-site food, coffee, and wine vendors

This place is a photographer’s dream, and they even have a photography contest if you want to take part. I always take family pictures while we’re there because it’s just a really great spot for it. I’ve watched my babies grow up among the tulips. Their growth is easily charted each year by how much taller than the tulips they get. 

I absolutely LOVE this place and can’t imagine missing our annual trip to the glorious fields. It’s a great way to kick off spring and is just the beginning of amazing blooms that happen all around the city. 

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